Tocuaro is a small village in the Mexican state of Michoacan. About 600 people live there. It has a church, a few shops, a school and a small bull ring where village festivities take place. The village is famous for its hand carved masks.
Where is Tocuaro?
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1) Watch the video 'Where is Tocuaro?' to find out exactly where the village is.
2) Watch the video 'What is Tocuaro like' until 2:04 minutes (don't watch the school section yet) - use this video and the map of the village below to decide how the village is different from Huntington and how it is the same (draw up a table with 2 columns - Similarities & Differences).
3) Complete the mapwork activities at the bottom of this page.
4) Watch the videos of Mexico City to see how very different the villages and cities of Mexico are - click HERE to go the videos page.

You can use Google Streetview to see both Tocuaro and Mexico City - just search for them in Google, select Maps, and drag the little yellow figure onto the map.

What is Tocuaro like?
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