The Making of Escape from Delta 7 

Planning a world

First of all we explored the landscape designs possible with Bryce 4, a fantastic 3-D modelling program from Daz3D software

We then discussed the types of environments we thought our alien planet, Delta 7, should have. Then the 5 class groups developed their ideas about each region (the food & drink, religion, laws, etc.)

Three locations within each region were then planned in detail.

Plotting the adventure

A basic plot outline was then developed, using a prepared template, as shown opposite. The red lines and circles indicate poor decisions and dangerous situations, while the green show better choices. Although this looks complicated, it meant players would have the opportunity to rescue themselves from a bad first decision when entering a region. It even allowed them to escape from the final dangerous situation, although with only a 1 in 3 chance of doing so, and no possibility of leaving with useful advice or a gift.

The basic outline, complete with decision choices, was then expanded into a complete text on paper, then typed into the final web pages.


Storyboards were drawn for each scene, showing the background locations and characters required in each photo, plus any props or special effects needed.

Background scenery
and object graphics

Over several sessions, we used Bryce 4 to develop the objects and scenery needed for the locations. Individual objects (such as spacecraft or buildings) were created by combining various simple 3-D shapes (called 'primitives') and applying textures to them.

Final scenes sometimes used many separate objects, as in this elaborate palace scene. Sculpted landscapes and suitable skies completed the effect for exterior scenes.

Costume Design

After exploring paper folding techniques to find out what was possible, we drew costume designs for the alien characters of each region. We thought about the kind of clothing that would be suitable for the region itself (whether it was hot or cold, wet or dry, etc) and for the individual character (servant or queen, guard or villager).

Costume Making

We then made the costumes during a whole-day session in the school hall, with some parents helping (Mr Rose says thank you very much to them!). We inked papers and card in the morning, then created the finished costumes by folding, crumpling and stapling the inked materials to a card skeleton. More detail was added the day after using inked tissue paper, and wire was used to create unusual headwear.

Photographing the 'aliens'

Another fun day was spent photographing oursleves in the costumes with a digital camera, in front of a white 'cyclorama' (whiteboard, wall & white card on the floor!). This made it easier to digitally remove the background from the scene later on, using Serif PhotoPlus software.

Final 'compositing'

Finally, all the separate elements were combined together using the photo software Paint Shop Pro 7. Each part of the image (background, each individual actor, trees, special effects) was placed on a separate 'layer' so that they could be adjusted separately. The images below show the stages of the process for one, relatively simple, shot. 

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