Waterfalls: Wonders of Nature
Waterfalls on the River Ceiriog
The only waterfalls of any size on the Dee or its tributaries are on the River Ceiriog, not far from its source.

Area map, showing where the waterfalls
are on the River Ceiriog
Aerial photo of the valley,
(the waterfalls are within it)
Map of the valley,
with waterfalls labelled.

A photo journey to see the waterfalls
Photos from Walking Forum.co.uk

North Wales has many beautiful waterfalls: click HERE to see more photos.

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How are waterfalls formed?
A waterfall forms where a river flows over hard rock which it cannot easily wear away (erode). At the edge of the hard rock the water wears away softer rock more quickly, cutting down into the ground to create a vertical drop.

Watch the videos below to see how this works - click the pictures to play them.

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(watch the first one and a half minutes)

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