Flood Plain

(at Farndon Bridge, south of Chester)

Aerial view of flooding at Farndon
(by Super1TV Productions)

Compare these photos, taken near the bridge, to see how high the flood waters can rise

 May 2013 - normal water level November 2012 - the Dee in flood
Nice day for a walk?
No walking today!

Compare the water level at the bridge
May 2013 November 2012

In the photo  below, can you see the lighter coloured bricks, lower down?
 These show where the water has risen up to in the past.

Click the picture below to see emergency services in action during the flooding of December 2015

Where does all the flood water come from?
Heavy rain on the Welsh hills drains into the River Dee, filling it to overflowing - look at the

in flood in the video below, filmed at Llangollen in Wales, further upstream.